• Minel Trafo d.o.o. Mladenovac
  • Minel Trafo d.o.o. Mladenovac

Minel Trafo Ltd Serbia * Manufacturing of distribution transformers

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Minel Trafo Ltd , Serbia - Company for production of transformers.
Business area of the Minel Trafo company:
Production and sales of electrical machines and devices (production and sales of transformers).
Maintenance and repair of electrical machines and other electromechanical devices and units (transformers servicing).

Mainstream of Minel Trafo production program makes distribution transformers up to 4000 kVA rated power.

Main features of our products
Significantly reduced losses and noise level
Higher passing overloads and short-circuit resistance
Extended lifetime
Reduced maintenance costs
Reduced height and weight
Simplified installation
High quality of anti-corrosion protection...

Top quality transformers  
By continuous following of technical achievements in this field worldwide, we strive to reach a world-class quality of products and services.
We systematically develop, monitor and improve quality, reliability and safety - that we have confirmed by certification of our quality system.

We have reached enviable level of product quality, which satisfy all relevant technical standards and law
regulations, but first of all - requirements and expectations of our customers.

Knowledge development
We contribute to environment protection by complete substitution of hazardous materials, which we earlier were installing in our products.

The most modern equipment for steplep cutting and packing of magnetic sheets, produced by  GEORG (Germany), enable manufacturing of transformers with very low level of losses

Minel Trafo Ltd is determined by:
     1. brand name,
     2. trade mark,
     3. products and services
                                          ...with the strong identity

Minel Trafo is successfully conquering global market for over of 57 years.
In the past years, we have exported into over of the 59 countries.

Contact information
Minel Trafo Ltd
Kralja Petra I 332, Mladenovac,  Belgrade  - Serbia
11400 Mladenovac, Serbia
 +381 11 4000 150
E-mail: info@minel-trafo.com

Minel Trafo Ltd - Serbia 

Minel Trafo Ltd - Mladenovac, Serbia * Company for production of transformers. Mladenovac, Serbia
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